Vanity Number

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A Vanity Number May Be Just What Your Business Needs

So what exactly is a vanity number? Ita��s a telephone number with letters that correspond to numbers on a phone keypad, and is sometimes known as a phoneword or a vanity 800 number. AA�vanity numberA�can take the form of an acronym, abbreviation, partial word, or word, and even be used to form the name of the business using it. You can use a vanity number to make it easier for customers to recognize you, particularly if they see you for only a few seconds on a billboard or ad. A vanity phone number is sometimes made synonymous with a business, like 1800-FLOWERS, that uses it in the company name. A vanity number can be highlighted in a jingle, and provide an additional brand lift even while it increases customer direct response. You can check with toll free number providers to learnA�how to get a toll free number.

Business Tips for Using Your Vanity Number

The best vanityA�1800 numberA�is easy to remember and relevant to a brand. If the vanity number you want isna��t available, dona��t worry. There are other prefixes in the US such as 1855, 1866, 1877, and 1888. In other countries, they may use a vanity number or phoneword with other prefixes, such as 1300 in Australia. It might not be the best idea to mix a combination of numbers and letters, as people will still need to remember the digits. One you get the vanity number thata��s right for you, make sure that you use it throughout broadcast, online, and traditional media.