It was very traumatising for her,” she said.S

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It was very traumatising for her,” she said.She continued: “When you’re only 11 years old and shy anyway, requesting to go to the toilet several times is unpleasant enough but, all she wanted to do was take care of her basic care.” They kept saying it was their policy but I really think they should change their policy if that’s the case, they need to do better.Pupils, 8, to be told ‘boys can have periods too’ under new sex education guidelines”Their primary concern should be the welfare of girls who have the right to basic care and not focused solely on whether children will abuse some sort of pass system.”She claims her daughter has not received an apology from the school despite being made to feel like it was her fault.A spokesperson of Cotham School, said: “The school does have a policy not to allow students out of lessons for the toilet as part of our Safeguarding procedures. His fiance was in prison and I think “little Stevie” was barking. While the addition of times table memorization to math curricula is a positive step forward, this alone will not fix the math crisis in Canada..

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