Toll Free Phone Numbers

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Are Toll Free Phone Numbers Right for My Business?

Many companies have discovered that toll free phone numbers can have a huge impact on their expansion into other locations and overall sales. Industries as wide ranging as travel, hospitality, hotel, non-profits, marketing agencies, professional service providers, and ecommerce companies have benefited from using toll free numbers in sales, marketing, and promotional efforts. This positive impact on business development can also be matched with cost savings by organizations that use toll free numbers as a way to forward calls to a single location: customer care center, home office, business HQ, or mobile device. VirtualA�toll free phone numbersA�are sometimes available with additional features such as simultaneous and sequential ringing, call recording, failover routing, IVR, hosted PBX, fax to email, voice to email, and international ringback tones.

How Do I Successfully Market Toll Free Phone Numbers?

First of all, from the point of view of a customer, toll free phone numbers show that an organization has local, regional, or international reach. It increases the competitiveness of a business and should be used as widely as possible throughout online, offline, outdoor, and broadcast media. Some companies have discovered that getting multipleA�toll free phone numbersA�can assist them in setting up A/B tests of ad creative or promotions to select which ones work better. Other businesses have had success utilizing a vanityA�toll free numberA�or phoneword to spell out a marketing message, acronym, or brand name easy for customers to remember.