Toll Free Numbers

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Toll Free Numbers Can Be as Easy as 1,2,3

If you want to grow your business in multiple cities, regions, or countries, then you might want to consider usingA�toll free numbers. They are a powerful and proven way to expand your brand. No matter if your company is tiny, medium-sized, or well-established, you can experience the benefits of obtaining a toll freeA�virtual phone numberA�to forward customer calls to any location, including a customer call center, mobile line, or home office phone. For example, if your business is located in Berlin and you want to do business in Rio, then you can activate Brazilian toll free numbers and forward calls to your location in Germany. Virtual local and 1800 numbers can provide your company with credibility and demonstrate that you are a local provider, even if your office is located far away.

Some Ways You Can Optimize Toll Free Numbers

Once you decide to get toll free numbers, how do you go about maximizing their usage in your business? Planning is key, and even more planning. Consider integratingA�toll free forwardingA�into your customer, sales, marketing, and operational procedures. Can you handle telephone calls in the proper languages and hours of operation? Have you trained call center staff or provided sales incentives? Have promotional and direct response campaigns been determined to create a pipeline of new customers? Can products be delivered with the proper amount of operational support? You can also supplementA�toll free numbersA�with features such as hosted PBX, international ringback tones, day/time call routing, failover routing, and voicemail and fax to email.

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