Toll Free Number Service

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How Businesses Can Benefit from a Toll Free Number Service

Organizations interested in 1800 numbers to spark growth and customer acquisition may want to look at obtaining a toll free number service. Companies use toll free numbers to provide a way for potential customers to dial them without having to spend money on a call. Often times, customers can feel skittish about calling a number with an unfamiliar area code. And dona��t even ask them to consider calling an international number. With aA�toll free number serviceA�businesses can advertise themselves as having a regional or national presence, no matter where they are located or how big they actually are. Toll free numbers are available in most countries, and have been proven to increase the response rate of potential clients.

Toll Free Number Service Provides More than Just Sales

Not only can companies extend their brands into new markets and accelerate sales growth with aA�toll free number service, but it can also take advantage of a range of other benefits. For example, it is possible to forward customer calls to a home office or mobile phone to accommodate smaller businesses. Larger companies, including international corporations, can often save time and resources by forwarding calls to a customer care or sales center. This strategy enables them to not have to build the capacity to service customers in multiple cities. When a company gets aA�toll free numberA�there are often other complementary features available such as hosted PBX, call forwarding, failover routing, and 24-7 online management.
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