It might be 2015, but Greek life is wreaking havoc in astonishing brand brand brand new methods

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When Emma, a senior at a Southeastern University, had been a freshman, a fraternity user recorded one of her pledge siblings having drunken intercourse with a bro at a mixer and passed the video clip around their household. The pledge sis don’t discuss the event along with her, therefore Emma never discovered if the intercourse ended up being consensual. But her sorority’s a reaction to the news headlines had been astonishing: They reported behind the sibling’s straight back that she had damaged relations having a high-ranking fraternity, which abruptly did not desire to mix together with them any longer.

“I became like, i can not think she’d try this to us. We nevertheless desired to spend time together with them simply because they were an awesome, adorable fraternity,” Emma recalls. “Now i cannot think I was thinking those terms. The sororities inflict values on us, and it is really confusing, therefore we go down using one another therefore we will keep partying.” Why would a sorority switch on user and also require been raped? The clear answer is based on a sisterhood that is far more complicated than outsiders understand.

Sororities hold an allure that is powerful. Whenever ladies arrive on campus, the vow of buddies, a fun social calendar, and a property base may be reassuring. Sororities could make a large campus feel smaller, offering pupils a feeling of belonging. Numerous chapters show leadership, plus organizational and expert abilities, and encourage community service. As well as some schools, Greek life dominates the social scene.

But there is proof that sorority people are intimately assaulted at an increased price than nonmembers; a 2009 Violence Against ladies research stated that sorority ladies at one college were four times more prone to be intimately assaulted than non-Greeks, and a 2014 University of Oregon (UO) study unearthed that almost one out of two sorority people on that campus had been victims of nonconsensual intimate contact. [Read more...]