1800 Number

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How Did the 1800 Number Become So Popular?

When AT&T launched the 1800 number in 1967 no one could have foreseen how popular it would become and how important it would be for businesses. It was originally launched to assist domyhomework.pro http://spyphoneapps.me/ operators manage their queue of collect calls. The original installation and activation price of theA�1800 numberA�made it too expensive for all but a few direct response and catalog companies. That all shifted with the divestiture of AT&T and the breakup of the Bells in 1984. This propelled the widespread use of the toll free number in advertisements and promotional activities. This is when the 1800 number became famous for its usage in radio jingles, infomercials, and TV commercials.

1800 Number Business Basics

The 1800 number, at first, was the only toll free number provided by telephone companies. This changed with the advent of the 1888 number in 1996 and the 1877 number in 1998. The 1866 and the 1855 number have since been made available to businesses. Other nations may not use the same prefix for the 1800 number, and it can go by other names. Some companies also use aA�vanity numberA�to make themselves more memorable in direct response and promotions. If you are interested in creating a national or international brand, a virtual 1800 number can help you compete with local providers.

So How Does a Virtual 1800 Number Help Your Business?

Whether your company is small, large, or somewhere in between, you can expand your brand and get new customers by activating a virtualA�1800 number. The concept is simple. If your company is in the United States and you want to market yourself in Australia, then all you have to do is activate a 1800 number and forward the customer calls back to yourA�Australia phone number, or to any location worldwide. If you are a small business owner you may want to forward your 1800 number to a mobile line or home office phone. If you work for a corporation you could instead forward your toll free number to a national or international call center.

Business Tips for Using Your 1800 Number

If you are purchasing and activatingA�toll free phone numbers, you will want to make sure you maximize its potential for your business. Choose a 1800 number with sequential digits, digits that are easy to remember, or a sequence that domyhomework.pro http://spyphoneapps.me/ can create a phoneword to advertise your company. Dona��t forget about consistent messaging. Use your 1800 number throughout broadcast media, print communications, and digital marketing, and to test different promotions and ad creative. You can also utilize a 1800 number with add-on features such as PSTN failover routing, fax and voicemail to email, sequential and simultaneous ringing, and call recording.